6 Benefits Why You Should Use a UTV Cover

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Image Credit: Jared Lisack - Unsplash

Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are frequently subjected to challenging conditions by their adventurous owners, traversing rough terrains in various weather conditions. To ensure your UTV remains in optimal condition, it is crucial to take good care of it, even when it is parked. One way to achieve this is by investing in a high-quality UTV cover. Here are several reasons why UTV covers are beneficial:

1. UV Protection:

UTV covers shield your vehicle from the sun's harmful UV rays, especially if you reside in a sunny area. Prolonged sun exposure can cause fading and peeling of the external paintwork and interiors. Additionally, high temperatures can lead to damage such as cracked dashboards and evaporating battery water. Given the UTV's exposure to the elements, using a cover while parked is particularly important.

UTV covers, including the Standard Shield and Weatherproof MAX, are chemically treated to resist UV rays.


UTV Cover Protect Your UTV from the Cold and Rain

Image Credit: Gaspar Zaldo - Pexels

2. Protection from Cold and Rain:

UTVs are susceptible to rain and snow, especially models without protective windows. Continuous exposure to rain, particularly acid rain, can lead to rust and damage various components, including the mechanics. Low temperatures also adversely affect the battery, spark plugs, tires, and other parts.

3. Prevention of Nature-Related Damage:

Nature can inflict damage on your UTV over time. Bird droppings and tree sap, for instance, can harm the paint job. Utilizing a UTV cover is an effective way to protect your vehicle from these destructive substances.

4. Customized Fit:

Unlike many generic vehicle covers on the market, UTV covers are tailored to fit specific UTV models. A well-fitting cover is crucial for keeping out water, heat, and other elements, as even small cracks can allow dampness to seep in. CarCovers.com offers UTV covers designed for each model, featuring a full elastic hem for a perfect fit. They also include a built-in knuckle and strap system that secures the cover in place, even in windy weather or during transportation on a trailer.

5. Protection Even in Garages:

While storing your UTV in a garage provides some protection against sun and rain, using a UTV cover still offers several benefits. Garages often accumulate dust, and a form-fitting cover can keep your UTV clean, reducing the need for regular maintenance. Moreover, the cover acts as a safeguard against scratches, especially if your garage doubles as a workshop. Poor insulation is also common in garages, subjecting your UTV to temperature extremes similar to outdoor conditions. A UTV cover shields your vehicle from such temperature fluctuations, which can cause significant damage.

6. Portability:

UTV owners frequently take their vehicles on trips where garage facilities may not be available. UTV covers are lightweight and foldable, making them highly portable. You can easily pack them for various destinations, such as deserts or mountains, and protect your vehicle from the elements.

Investing in a UTV cover

Image Credit: Jared Lisack - Unsplash

Investing in a UTV cover is an affordable way to safeguard your valuable machinery. These covers provide protection against a range of damaging elements, from the sun to tree sap. Ensure you select a cover that fits your specific UTV model perfectly, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting your UTV.

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