The Top 9 Best ATV Accessories

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Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

When you invest in an ATV, it's important to consider the accessories that will enhance your riding experience. These add-ons are designed to address various needs related to transport, use, and storage, while prioritizing safety, protection, and comfort.

To help you make the right choices, here are the Top 9 Best ATV accessories:

1. Foldable Loading Ramps

To transport your ATV to different locations, you'll need foldable loading ramps. Look for ramps made of lightweight and durable aluminum. Consider an arched design for better weight distribution and increased loading capacity. Ensure that the joints and hinges are well-made to ensure safety.

2. Tire Repair Kit

Flat tires can happen while riding off-road. A tire repair kit is a valuable accessory to quickly fix punctures and keep your ride going. Look for a compact kit that includes plugs, patches, an inflator, and necessary tools. Some kits even come with a carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder for tire inflation.

3. ATV Cover

Protecting your ATV from weather conditions and storage-related damage is crucial. Invest in a high-quality ATV cover that offers protection against UV rays, wind, rain, dust, moisture, and other potential hazards. Ensure that the cover fits your specific ATV model for optimal weatherproofing.

4. Winch

When you find your ATV stuck in challenging terrains like mud, rocks, or snow, a winch becomes indispensable. Look for a winch with a loading capacity 30-50% higher than your ATV's weight, considering additional accessories and cargo. Make sure your ATV's suspension can support the load as well.

5. Recovery Strap

A strong and elastic recovery strap is essential for getting your ATV out of tough situations. Choose a strap with a pulling strength at least four times your ATV's loading capacity. Polyester straps offer rigidity for controlled recovery, while nylon straps provide elasticity (though they may pose a risk of recoil). Look for visible colors and protective sheets on the strap.

6. Hand Guards

Protect your hands while riding by installing a set of handguards. These inexpensive accessories offer significant hand protection, especially when combined with gloves. Look for handguards made of durable materials like hard-strength plastics or aluminum, striking a balance between flexibility and rigidity. Customizable options are available in the market.

7. Rear Storage

Enhance your ATV's carrying capacity with a rear storage box or cargo bag. Choose a well-built, rigid storage box made of stainless steel components and impact-resistant polyethylene. Alternatively, opt for a durable cargo bag made of reinforced 600D nylon material. Consider additional features like backrests for passenger comfort.

8. Tool Kit

Prepare for unexpected breakdowns by carrying a comprehensive tool kit with you. Essential tools include wrenches for bolting, a torque wrench to prevent overtightening, and an axle wrench for rear axle and swinger connection adjustments. Don't forget to include vice grips, pliers, and screwdrivers for general maintenance.

9. Phone Mount

Stay connected and navigate unfamiliar terrain with a phone mount for your ATV. Look for a mount with sturdy stainless steel legs and supportive plastic pads. Ensure it is corrosion-resistant to withstand harsh riding conditions.

Investing in the best ATV accessories will provide you with added comfort, safety, and accessibility while keeping your ATV in excellent condition. Remember to prioritize durable materials that can withstand rough terrains and always prioritize your protective gear.

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