ATV Maintenance Advice: 5 Reasons to Use an ATV Cover

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Hey there ATV enthusiasts! Your ATV is your ticket to countless hours of outdoor adventures, but it deserves some extra TLC to ensure its longevity. While you may think that a little dirt and mud won't harm your ATV, it's important to cover it properly when it's not in use. By cleaning and using an ATV cover, you can prevent a range of problems, from rust to pest infestation. Let's explore five reasons why using an ATV cover for both indoor and outdoor storage is a great idea!

1. Prevent Seat Damage

Even though ATV seats are built to be durable, they can still suffer damage from falling branches, pesky rodents, hail, and more. Even high-quality vinyl seats aren't completely immune to sharp or blunt objects. While indoor storage reduces the risk, scratches from other vehicles and rodent bites can still pose a threat. To protect your seats from gouges and scratches, you can use a specialized indoor cover that keeps rodents away and safeguards them from any potential damage.

2. Reduce Rust

ATVs are designed to withstand wear and tear, but prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to rust on metal parts. To minimize this risk, make sure to cover your ATV with a water-resistant cover whenever it's not in use. While the paint provides some protection, scratched or unpainted areas are vulnerable. This is especially important during wetter months or when snowfall is expected. Even if you have a covered outdoor storage area, using an indoor/outdoor cover is a smart move to shield your ATV from rain and blowing snow. Avoid using ordinary plastic tarps as they can trap water. Indoor/outdoor covers prevent moisture from lingering directly against the ATV's surface, making them a better option for short-term or long-term use.

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3. Protect the Paint

Your ATV's paint serves as a crucial barrier between its metal parts and the mud and debris that can lead to rust. Just like any vehicle, taking good care of your ATV's paint job helps maintain its resale value and protects underlying components from serious damage. An ATV cover acts as a shield against everyday scratches and dings that can gradually chip away at the paint over time. It also provides defense against UV rays that fade the paint, preserving its vibrant appearance and resale value. Even if you don't plan to sell your ATV in the future, keeping it in top condition is always a good idea.

Bugs and Nests

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4. Avoid Bugs

Bugs, such as wasps and spiders, can turn your ATV into their cozy home, impacting both its appearance and performance. Dealing with insect infestations often involves extensive fumigation and repairs, which can be quite a hassle. In some unfortunate cases, you might only discover the bug problem when you're already out on the trails. Even if your region isn't prone to insect issues, leaving your ATV outside for long periods can attract bugs, especially if you don't clean off all the dirt. While covers don't fully wrap around the bottom of your ATV, using one significantly reduces the cleaning and inspection needed, giving you more time to enjoy your adventures. Before hitting the trails after a long storage period, it's still a good idea to double-check the undercarriage with a flashlight. Better safe than sorry!

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5. Make Cleaning Easier

Even if you're not too worried about harsh weather and external hazards, your ATV will inevitably gather dirt and dust while it's idle. Leaky ceilings, nearby workshops producing sawdust, and other unexpected sources of grime can lead to stubborn buildup that's difficult to clean from handles and intricate parts. This accumulation can be even worse if your ATV is stored near other equipment or a frequently opened garage door. Instead of risking a filthy ATV at the start of your next season, keep it well-protected with an indoor cover.

Dirty ATV

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Getting the Right Cover

ATV covers are a specialized product, and not all car cover manufacturers can deliver the best options. It takes a deep understanding of ATV needs to create a cover that is user-friendly and provides adequate protection for your prized vehicle. Here at, we specialize in covers for a wide range of specialty vehicles, including ATVs & UTVs. Our semi-custom covers are designed to suit your budget and protection requirements. Gain peace of mind and enjoy your outdoor adventures by safeguarding your investment with the right cover.
Happy riding and take care of your ATV!

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