How to Prepare a 4 Wheeler for Storage: Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape!

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Image Credit: Suu Amr / Unsplash

So, you won't be riding your awesome 4 wheeler for a while? No worries, but listen up! You have to take some steps to get it ready for storage. Trust us, neglecting this can lead to expensive repairs. But fear not, because in this epic blog post, we'll unleash some killer tips on how to properly store your 4 wheeler. It's more than just sticking it in a garage or behind your house. By prepping your beast, you'll ensure it's in the same jaw-dropping condition when you're ready to ride again. So, let's dive in!

Store Your ATV Indoors: Keep It Safe and Sound!

Alright, this might sound like a no-brainer, but hear us out. If you're not gonna use your 4 wheeler, make sure you keep it indoors. Seriously, it's the best way to shield it from potential damage. Rain, sun, and mischievous critters are the villains here. They can wreak havoc on your ride, damaging both the exterior and the engine. If you don't have a garage or space at home, consider a storage shed or a local facility to keep your ATV in top-notch condition.


Cover Your 4 Wheeler: Shield It from Harm

Whether your ride is chilling indoors or braving the outdoors (fingers crossed it's indoors), get yourself a fantastic 4 wheeler cover. These bad boys are your ride's armor against the sun, rain, hail, and all other harsh elements. They also keep dust and mildew at bay, so your ATV stays fresh and clean. Invest in a cover, and you'll reap the rewards.


Clean Your Vehicle: Give It Some Tender Loving Care!

Before you tuck your 4 wheeler away, give it a grand cleaning session. Show your ride some serious love. You don't want dirt hanging around, because guess what? Moisture lurks in dirt, and that can lead to rust. Oh no! So, scrub away all the grime and give your ride a sparkling shine. Pro tip: lubricate all the parts that need it. And hey, don't forget to cover your exhaust (after you've parked it in storage, of course—never cover the exhaust while the engine is running). Why? To keep pesky critters from nesting inside. Those sneaky mice won't stand a chance!


Take Care of Your Gas: Fuel for Success

Time to talk about fuel, my friend. Depending on your 4 wheeler's gas tank material, you'll have different tasks. If it's plastic, drain that tank to prevent your fuel from going bad while it sits. But if you're rocking a metal tank, don't drain it! Instead, fill 'er up and add a fuel stabilizer. Then let the engine run for a few minutes to mix that magic potion. This little trick keeps your fuel fresh and your engine happy.


Maintain Your Battery: Give It Some Juice

Now, let's tackle that battery. It deserves some attention too! Your best bet is to grab a battery tender. It's like a guardian angel for your battery, keeping it from dying and maintaining its health. If that's not an option, no worries! Just detach the battery and find a cool, dry place for it to chill. It might not be ideal long-term, but it'll do the trick while your ride is in storage.


Maintain Your Tires: Pump 'Em Up and Block 'Em!

Inflate those tires, my friend! Tires tend to lose air even if you're not using them. So, pump them up to the max before storing your 4 wheeler. This way, they won't get too low and cause trouble. You don't want damaged tires, right? Plus, low tires can make your vehicle sit unevenly, and that leads to all sorts of issues. Now, to prevent those tires from developing flat spots, it's time to block 'em! Why? Well, when a tire sits on the ground for too long, it can get those pesky flat spots. And that's a buzzkill for your ride. Place a block of wood under your tires to save them from the cold and any potential damage. You're a tire hero!


Replace Your 4 Wheeler's Oil and Filters: Fresh Is Best

We're almost there! But before you bid your ride adieu, it's time to take care of its oil and filters. You don't want your vehicle sitting around with old, used oil—it's full of impurities that can slowly harm your engine. So, drain that old oil, say goodbye, and fill 'er up with fresh, new oil. Your engine will thank you. And don't forget about the filters! Replacing them before storage prevents any long-term damage.


Storing Your ATV Outdoors: Brave the Elements

Okay, so indoor storage isn't an option for you. No problem, we've got you covered. In addition to the previous tips, here are a couple more maintenance tasks to save your ride from extensive damage:

Keep your vehicle on the side of a building: Get wind protection!

Position your ATV next to a building—your very own wind shield. This clever move shields one side of your vehicle from wind damage and prevents debris buildup. Your ride will thank you for this sweet little spot!

Get a Weatherproof Cover: Rain or Shine, You're Ready!

Wherever you live, if your 4 wheeler is hanging outside (even if it's just for a day or two), a cover is a must. But if you're in it for the long haul, opt for a top-notch weatherproof cover. Trust us, keeping rain and snow from sitting on your vehicle is key to prolonging its life. Let's keep your ride dry and happy!

Lock Your 4 Wheeler: Protect Your Precious Beast!

Now, this one's a no-brainer, but it's worth mentioning. Your 4 wheeler is a precious gem, and you don't want it vanishing into thin air, do you? So, if you're storing it outside, get a lock that'll make thieves run for the hills. Don't let anyone easily snatch your beast away!


Conclusion: Keep Your ATV Ready for Action!

You've unlocked the secrets to storing your four-wheeler like a pro! Following these tips will keep your ATV in top shape, ready for action when you unleash it again. We hope you found these tips exciting and easy to implement. If you have any questions, hit us up—we're here to help you conquer the world of ATV storage! Thanks for joining us on this epic journey. Until next time, happy riding!

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