How to Ship an ATV: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Image Credit: Cameron Yartz - Pexels

get ready for the ultimate ATV shipping adventure! Driving ATVs on public roads may not be the way to go, but fear not! We've got the perfect solution - auto carriers! Shipping your ATV is a breeze when you follow our guide in seven easy steps. Let's jump right into the action!

Step 1: Choose Your Trusty Shipping Service

Start your ATV shipping journey by picking a carrier that's as reliable as your trusty ATV. Look for a service that uses the perfect transport trailer for your ATV's needs. Need some extra room for your big bad ATV? Check for carriers that can handle those extra-long models. Enclosed trailers are like bodyguards for your ATV, protecting it from the elements. And remember, always choose a reputable shipping company that follows federal regulations. But hey, if you've got the skills and a pickup truck, you can transport it yourself—just make sure you've got the time for an epic road trip!

Step 2: Inspect and Document the ATV's State

Capture your ATV's current state on camera before it hits the road! Snap some awesome pictures and videos from different angles to document its state. Time-stamp those memories by sending them to yourself as an email attachment. This way, you've got solid proof of your ATV's condition pre-shipping. Oh, and don't forget to ask about insurance plans and coverage details—gotta keep your ATV protected!

Step 3: Prepare the ATV for Shipping

Time to get your ATV ready for its grand journey! While some shipping agencies won't mind a little fuel and battery action, it's better to be safe than sorry. Consider emptying the fuel line, draining the gas tank, and disconnecting the battery. It reduces the risk of leakage and makes your ATV a bit lighter for the ride. If you're not sure how to safely drain the gas, leave it to the pros. And hey, don't forget to remove any rad accessories that could go missing on the way!

Step 4: Cover it Up!

Open trailer or enclosed trailer, your ATV needs some protection from the elements. If it's rolling on an open trailer, grab an ATV cover and shield it from UV rays, dirt, and moisture. Make sure it's a trailerable model with secure straps to keep it snug on the road. Going for an enclosed trailer? Use the cover as extra armor and give your ATV a sweet wash before shipping. When it arrives, it'll be ready to rock without needing another bath! 

Step 5: Check the Tie-Down Method

Time for some serious ATV securing action! While the experts at the shipping company handle the tying down, make sure they're doing it right. Soft cinch straps from all four corners to a sturdy pallet are the way to go. Lift that bad boy onto the trailer with confidence! If your ATV needs to be in a crate, be ready to pay a little extra for a shipping box. Contact the company in advance and ask about any special requirements. And if you're taking matters into your own hands, don't forget the ramps to load your ATV into the truck.

Step 6: Wait for the ATV's Arrival

Patience is key as you eagerly await your ATV's arrival. If your shipping company offers online tracking, you've got a front-row seat to the adventure. Keep an eye on that tracking number and see where your ATV is at any given moment. If tracking isn't available, embrace the anticipation and wait for the estimated arrival time. And if you're transporting the ATV yourself, make frequent stops to double-check those straps and keep everything looking fantastic.

Step 7: Unload and Prepare the ATV to Get Back on the Road

The moment has arrived! Your ATV is delivered right to your doorstep, ready for action. Unless the roads to your destination are too narrow for the shipping trailer, in which case you'll find a suitable spot nearby. Before you sign off on the delivery, give your ATV a thorough inspection. Check every nook and cranny for any potential damage. If you can't be there for the grand arrival, pass on the pictures you took earlier to whoever will receive it. They'll be your ATV's hero, spotting any new scratches or flaws. Once you're all done, fuel up, reconnect that battery, and hit the road for some off-road adventures!

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Thrill!

Shipping your ATV doesn't have to be a hassle—it's a thrilling part of the adventure! Following these seven steps ensures your ATV arrives in tip-top shape, ready to conquer new terrains. Don't forget to check the registration and licensing process at your new location. Get that paperwork sorted early so you can focus on what matters most—enjoying those epic off-road rides as soon as possible! Let the adventure begin!

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